Customize the Accountlines Description

Customize the Description field

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“Is there any way we can add some more data to the description when a fine (or lost item fee) is created?”

When fines are created, certain information is included into the description field. This information makes it easy for staff to see the item and even link to that item. When the item is deleted from Koha, some of that information goes away. We would like to create a way that libraries can customize what data is stored in the description field and also retained even when the item is deleted. Do you still want to know what the barcode is? Let’s put that in there? How about the shelving location? Let’s add it!

We would like to add the fine description customization into the Notices/Messaging area and allow that field to be customized with template toolkit.

![Screenshot 2019-11-06 13.58.51.png](/images/Screenshot 2019-11-06 13.58.51.png)