Patron Import Enhancements

Patron Imports

Goal: $10000

Raised: $5000

Supporters: 1

Patron import enhancement

Proposed behavior

  1. Staff using the patron import tool is presented the usual form, with a new checkbox: Review before commit.
  2. Once the file is uploaded, and the checkbox checked, the patron is presented some potential import results, as with biblios: summary, and a link to a new page for staged patron imports
  3. The staged patron’s page shows a list of patrons, if matched, the diff, potentially rendering the unblessed representation as well.


Work to be completed

  1. Add routes for adding new tasks to the queue
  2. Add tables:
    • import_patrons table
    • import_patrons_matches
  3. Add a page for displaying staged patron imports
  4. Add classes for handling patron imports in the task queue

Potential Future follow-ups (would require additional funding)

I would love to see a feature added for staged files, that detects unknown columns, and allows mapping them (e.g. some unnamed columns or with unknown names, could be mapped into extended attributes, or even core fields)


ByWater Solutions is proposing a 50% subsidy to the core development. The cost of the entire development is $10,000USD of which ByWater will cover $5,000. Any monies raised in excess of the quoted amount will be put towards the devlopments covered under ‘future followups’.

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