Interactive Inventory

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Libraries that are engaged in active weeding are scanning shelves on a regular basis want to ensure that the collection is as accurate as possible for their patrons. We propose enhancing the inventory module so that it can provide a more interactive experience for librarians and help streamline the inventory process.

Currently, staff scan a number of item’s barcode on a shelf, in a collection and upload that file of scanned barcodes into Koha. Koha comes back with info about items with non-standard statuses, and missing/lost statuses, etc. We propose that the item data be presented to staff as they scan the barcodes, right there at the shelf!!! (For example, staff conducts the inventory with a laptop plus scanner on a cart).

Work to be done:

As the librarian scans items on the shelf,
1. Automatically mark an expected book(s) as ‘Missing’ when it is not scanned in the planned order
2. Unmark missing a book that is found out of order on the shelf, and provide feedback to the user that it should be reshelved

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